Oops . . .

"Right-y tighty. Left-y loosy." Seemed good advice now.

Ever had an “Oops moment?” You know, the kind of thing that makes you cringe? Cower in shame? Hopelessly relent?

RadioLab (one of my favorite NPR shows/podcasts) devoted a whole episode to “Oops” moments. . . . stories of unintended consequences. . . . and the making of the Unabomber. (Now that’s a big Oops.)

Most recently, I was humbled by an Oops moment while attending the Infusionsoft Customer Tour in Dallas. As we were discussing Infusionsoft checkout options in a class setting, one member of the audience said, “I’ve used that script from Fusetastic (Sizzle), and it increased our checkout conversion by 90%.”

Jordan, the presenter, pointed at me, “Tim from Fusetastic is sitting right here.” I waved to the audience, thinking this to be a proud moment. Then, the same audience member announced, “I tried to contact you, and you never returned my call.” My proud moment, quickly turned to¬†embarrassment.¬†(Frown. Big frown.)

And obviously a big Oops. An Infusionsoft specialist that failed to FOLLOW UP?! (Umm . . . that IS what Infusionsoft’s platform is all about, right?)

Well, I’m not sure how or why that person slipped through the cracks, but we are on a mission to make amends.

Surely, we have happy customers out there. But we want to know: Can you tell us how we’ve treated you? Share a few thoughts on your experience with one of our products or services?

We are so serious about this, we are even willing to bribe you. Simply “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of this blog post. If you respond before January 15, 2012, we’ll send you a special gift. Be sure to include your full name (the one we SHOULD have in our database) if you’d like to get our “thank you” gift.

If you aren’t a customer yet, tell us what we can do to convince you otherwise! You’ll need to include your name and email address to add to our database– that is if you’d like to get our “thank you” gift, too.

Thanks for helping us turn over a new leaf.